Google Is About to Change the Whole Internet

The biggest mystery surrounding Google over the past year has concerned its core product, its original and still primary source of revenue: Will search engines be replaced by AI chatbots? In May, the company offered some clarity: “In the next era of search, AI will do the work so you don’t have to,” according to […]

Dell Technologies reveals 5 new AI-powered computers

Dell Technologies unveils its portfolio of AI-powered computers at Dell Technologies World 2024 – Copilot+ AI computers. The new personal computers, powered by Snapdragon® X Elite and Snapdragon X PlusSeries, feature artificial intelligence capabilities that help users streamline and enhance work processes and computer usage, with advanced search options, breakthrough battery life of up to […]

Imagining an internet without TikTok

The bill to require TikTok to separate from its Chinese parent company or face a nationwide ban made it to President Joe Biden’s desk on Wednesday as part of a huge foreign aid package that passed through Congress this week. And Biden, as he previously promised, signed the bill into law.   ByteDance now has nine […]